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Increase Profits with Lease Options

If you are a beginner or an experienced investor, there is a tool that you will absolutely want to include in your "toolbox" of investment strategies the LEASE WITH OPTION TO BUY.

It doesn't matter whether your investment is "buy and hold" or "find and sell", you must arrange for exit strategies from your properties to control your cash flow and liquidity.

You can reap many benefits with a Lease with Option to buy program:

  • Significantly higher income and longer term tenants.
  • Committed Tenants who take pride in ownership, by making improvements to the property
  • Creating Sales that could not of happened otherwise, at much higher market prices


 A lease option allows the Investor to provide the tenants an opportunity to own that is otherwise unavailable, so You can generally expect five times the number of responses on a lease with Option to buy than a regular "For Rent" ad.

Once in your property, they are tenants who are taking pride in ownership and are often making improvements to the property!

And people looking to buy with a lease option are generally willing to pay a slightly higher sales price, often 15% higher, due to seller softer sales terms.

In addition, you receive a monthly payment towards the option fee (the fee you are being paid to grant the option) in addition to the monthly rent, thereby increasing your monthly cash flow.

Mr. Lease Option shows you how.

Professional real estate investor and renowned speaker, Mark Maupin, is an expert on the implementation of lease options and other investment tools. They have been a part of his investment strategies for the purchase and sale of over 3,500 homes.

Through his seminars and learning products, Mark is now making his broad-base of knowledge available to you.

Here's just a sample of what other investors who have attended Mark's seminars have said about their experience:

Mark's program is very informative, lot’s of great exit strategies, purchase strategies ...  one of the most effective and informative seminars I’ve ever been to. We are in the process of tying up a few properties right now using strategies from that program.  
- Darian Moore


This was my second time through. Every time I attend these events I’m learning more and more detailed information, my confidence sky rockets ... it just motivates you more to get involved actually doing deals ... great learning experiences. Now I’m able to take the information I have and get involved in any situation that’s out there.  
- Gary Lanski

Currently I’m concentrating on the  foreclosure business and the exit strategy on the foreclosure business doesn’t work out just
automatically when you go to sell a property. So the lease option is going to help tremendously as an exit strategy.
- Peter Surur

I’d already done two lease options, but after attending Mark’s seminar I realized that I’d made some mistakes.  I hadn’t signed the purchase agreement at the right time, so my tenant is not on the hook as Mark was explaining.  I went back and talked to my tenant and did what Mark had showed me how to do.  Now they have paid me $5,000 down ... I have another $8,000 note ...  and they are paying me $300 per month (on the note) until they buy the house.  So I’m making extra cash flow and they are going to buy my house within one-half year.

- Janak Mehta

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